About the Grandparents Association

Our mission is to provide generational support to our grandchildren at Dunham and their parents, our children. We serve the school with our time, our prayers, and our finances and other resources in gratitude for the contribution it is making in the lives of our families and to the greater community. We want to leave a legacy of Christian faith and principles as the centerpiece of our heritage, and we believe this can be accomplished through enabling the school to continue providing excellent education in a Christian atmosphere.

We have a number of exciting activities and events planned for this school year and hope that all grandparents of Dunham students will join the Grandparents Association.  Whether you live near or far, there is a way for you to get involved at Dunham. Each year, grandparents are needed to help in the following areas:

  • Pray Dunham (meets the first Friday of every month at 8 am in the chapel)
  • Concessions at athletic events
  • Lower School reading
  • Campus beautification projects
  • Annual Giving Campaign
  • Dunham Carnival
  • Middle and Upper School Grandparents
  • Lower School Grandparents Chapel
Ready to Volunteer?

Great! Simply fill out our GPA volunteer form, and a member of the Grandparents Association will be back in touch with you. If you have any questions, please email grandparents@dunhamschool.org.

Volunteer Organizations

Committee Members


2020-2021 Grandparents Steering Committee

Susan Pecue, President
Carmie Berry, Vice President
Linda Harvison, Secretary/Treasurer

Ann Pierce, Membership Coordinator

Libby Adams
Dadie Bardwel
Donna Blanchard
Weesey Bruce
Cleme Dantin
Alice Greer
Kerry Grieff
Becky Harrod
Arralee Hays
Trudy Kiggans
Janice Sanders
Gloria Schexnayder
Alice Smith
Betty Tircuit

We can't wait to welcome you!