Middle School

Launching Into New Waters

Middle School represents a time of transition filled with energy and excitement. We embrace the fact that our students are undergoing drastic physical, social, emotional, and cognitive changes and provide a child-centered program staffed with caring, Christian teachers. We consider it a privilege and great responsibility to walk alongside our students and their parents for four wonderful years, as they navigate the often difficult waters that come with the passage from childhood into early adolescence.

Mary Theriot

Head of Middle School

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Employed at Dunham since
Undergraduate Degree
Southeastern Louisiana University, 1978
Masters Degree
Louisiana State University, 2009
Doctorate Degree
Apple Teacher, 2016
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Mary Theriot
Head of Middle School
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Middle School Curriculum

Our Middle School program balances academics with athletics and arts in preparation for the rigor and expectation of Upper School and college. Honors and advanced cores are available for gifted and high-achieving learners. We offer a wide range of extracurricular activities in athletics, dance, choir, and band as well as opportunities to participate in plays, service projects, and a variety of clubs and organizations. Under the MIddle School House System, students are assigned to one of four houses, where they develop leadership skills and compete for the coveted House Cup.

Middle School Subjects by Grade

Fifth Grade


  • English 5
  • English 5-Advanced
  • Literature
  • Literature 5-Advanced
  • Mathematics 5
  • Mathematics 5-Advanced
  • Science 5
  • Science 5-Advanced
  • History 5
  • History 5-Advanced
  • Bible 5
  • STEM I
  • Fine Arts Rotation (Art, Choir, Dance, Theatre)
  • Physical Education
  • STEP in Middle School
Sixth Grade


  • English 6
  • English 6-Advanced
  • Literature 6
  • Literature 6-Advanced
  • Mathematics 6
  • Mathematics 6-Advanced
  • Science 6
  • Science 6-Advanced
  • American History 6
  • American History 6-Advanced
  • Bible 6
  • Latin 6
  • Beginning Band or Fine Arts Rotation (Art, Choir, Dance, Theatre)
  • Physical Education
Seventh Grade


  • English 7
  • English 7-Advanced
  • Pre-Algebra
  • Algebra I Honors*
  • Algebra IA Honors*
  • Science 7
  • Science 7-Advanced
  • American History 7
  • American History 7-Advanced
  • Bible 7
  • Foreign Language (1 semester each: French & Spanish)
  • Intermediate Band or Fine Arts Rotation (Art, Choir, Dance, Theatre)
  • Physical Education

*Upper School credit course

Eighth Grade


  • English 8
  • English 8-Advanced
  • Algebra I Honors*
  • Algebra IA*
  • Algebra IB Honors*
  • Geometry Honors*
  • Science B
  • Physical Science Honors*
  • Chemistry Honors*
  • Ancient Civilizations
  • Ancient Civilizations-Advanced
  • Bible 8
  • Foreign Language (Latin I, French I, or Spanish I)*
  • Fine Arts (Advanced Band or Choir/Art or Theatre/Dance)
  • Physical Education/Health*

*Upper School credit course

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Our PreK3-4th grade program is the perfect blend of a classical education combined with technology, innovation, and cross-cultural literacy.



Our 5th-8th grade program balances academics with athletics and arts in preparation for the rigor and expectations of Upper School.



Our high school program prepares students for success in college and career through academic rigor, athletics, arts, and leadership.



Our athletic program unleashes confidence and enables students to compete at the highest level - on and off of the field.



Outstanding theater, dance, visual arts, and music offerings inspire creativity, confidence, and a lifelong appreciation for the arts.



The Dunham experience rests upon a foundation of faith as we strive to educate our students' minds and hearts for Christ.


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