Summer Assignments

Summer Reading & Math

Summer is finally here! With a productive and exciting school year behind us, we all look forward to refreshing rest and relaxation during the warm months of summer. As in the past, Dunham students have summer math and reading assignments to complete before the start of the new school year.

Reading Assignments

All new and returning K-12 students have summer reading assignments. Please select the link below that corresponds with the grade you will enter in the fall. Pre-Kindergarten students do not have summer reading assignments. However, parents are encouraged to read with their children during the summer.

First Grade
Second Grade
Third Grade
Fourth Grade

Middle and Upper School Department Chair Letter

Middle and Upper School Summer Reading

Math Assignments

All new and returning 6th-12th grade students have summer math work to complete prior to the start of school. Although new fifth grade students are not required to complete summer math assignments, they are encouraged to review math facts and math concepts from the previous school year. Lower School students do not have required math assignments but are encouraged to review math facts during the summer.

2024 Middle School Summer Math Assignments

2024 Upper School Summer Math Assignments