Middle School Teams & Schedules

Middle School Teams & Schedules

Middle School Athletics

Through physical education and team sports, the Middle School Athletic Program seeks to develop young men and women who possess self-discipline, a commitment to excellence, self-confidence, and strong Christian character.  Middle School is a time for athletes to develop skill, explore their interest in various team sports, and understand the value of good sportsmanship.

All Middle School students are welcomed and encouraged to participate in team sports, with the understanding that there is a level of commitment expected and required. Middle School athletes may be eligible to tryout for an Upper School varsity team after meeting with and receiving permission from the Head of Middle School, the Middle School Athletic Director, and the Athletic Director.

Because we feel all students should have the opportunity to explore different sports regardless of skill level, Dunham adheres to a “no-cut” policy in Middle School. As a result of this policy, teams may consist of members whose abilities vary considerably.  We hope our students will see this as a positive opportunity and ask that parents partner with us to help students mature into athletes who understand the value of hard work, constructive criticism, and good sportsmanship.

Large teams may be split smaller teams to ensure maximum playing time, with coaches placing students where they will have the most success. In the case of sports that require an off-campus facility, roster limitations may be imposed.  Athletes must be of varsity caliber to make the competitive roster.  If this becomes the case, it is our goal to provide development squads with abbreviated practice schedules.

Athletes with repeated absences or discipline issues may be excused from a team, pending approval from the Athletic Director and the Head of Middle School. Coaches will schedule a meeting with the parents of any athlete in jeopardy of being dismissed from a team.

The focus in 5th and 6th grade is on skill development, as well as the meaning of commitment, sacrifice, and teamwork. The leagues in which we participate require mandatory play at this level for students who are regular attendees at practice and scheduled events, demonstrate good attitudes, and are in good academic standing.  This rule exists so that all students will have the opportunity to learn and be engaged in the sport they have chosen. However, depending on the individual sport, mandatory play does not necessarily mean equal playing time; it means that each student will have the opportunity to play.  Students will be awarded playing time based on their attendance at practices and games, their work ethic, their attitude, and their skill level.

The focus in 7th and 8th grade is to prepare students for participation in high school athletics. Mandatory play is only in effect for some 7th grade teams and is at the discretion of the coach based on attendance, attitude, and academic standing.  Although every effort will be made to include every player in each contest, playing time is not guaranteed. It is our expectation that students and parents understand that playing time is earned through hard work, commitment, and sacrifice.

Important message for Dunham parents:

If your child plans to participate in Middle School team sports for next, please make sure you have read and signed the documents in the 2018-2019 Athletics Packet found below under "Related Links."

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