Academic Life

Our students thrive in an academic environment characterized by small classes, skilled and caring teachers, and an innovative curriculum that blends a classical foundation with cutting-edge technology and experiences that build future-ready skills such as creativity, collaboration, critical thinking, cross-cultural literacy, and self-management. Here, students find their voices, discover their passions, unleash their confidence, and grow in faith. Our unique and personalized approach to education is one of the reasons why Dunham leads the way in Baton Rouge when it comes to preparing students for college and for life.

Harkness Classrooms

The Harkness Method serves as the primary teaching method in all humanities classes, where students are expected to come to class prepared with questions and critical analysis of the assigned reading materials, ready to share their insights with peers around the Harkness Table.  With the teacher serving only as a facilitator, students are responsible for leading and contributing to discussions.

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Innovation, Technology & STEM

As an Apple Distinguished School since 2011, Dunham remains on the cutting edge of technology integration in education. Our 1:1 MacBook program and STEM curriculum keep students constantly engaged in the learning process, and our administration and faculty are passionate about finding innovative ways to make education relevant to the future through the use of technology.

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Individualized Instruction

We understand that all students learn differently and strive to meet the individual learning needs of each child entrusted to us. While most of these needs are met in the traditional college preparatory classroom by faculty trained to meet a variety of learning styles and preferences, we also offer gifted and advanced instruction, tutoring, and individual courses for students who need these services. Learning truly becomes personalized at Dunham as we work to make sure every child meets his or her God-given potential.

Hands-On Learning

Because we believe students learn best through hands-on activities and experiences, we take an experiential approach in all disciplines. Rather than relying on teacher lecture, we give students opportunities to engage with their coursework through activities that include investigations in the science and innovation labs, inquiry into primary source documents and artifacts in history, and immersion in world language classrooms to experience the language and culture of faraway places.

Wisdom & Eloquence

Because we believe wisdom begins with knowing the Creator, we present God as the author of all life and all truth. We see eloquence—the ability to speak and write clearly, passionately, and convincingly—as the hallmark of a sound and thorough education. Through a carefully planned progression of instruction in grammar, logic, and rhetoric, students learn to articulate their ideas through clear and concise writing and oration. Eloquence finds its pinnacle through a ready defense of the faith, a desired outcome for every Dunham graduate.

Talented Faculty

Skilled and caring teachers are the key to everything we do. With a student/teacher ratio of 8:1 and an average class size of 15, students make big connections with each other and their teachers, who know and pray for them by name. We understand how students learn, where they struggle, and what makes them tick. We know their greatest strengths, their secret aspirations, and the 122 other things that make them them. This capacity for connecting with students on a personal level is part of our school’s unique culture and often what our alumni value the most from their years at Dunham.

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Our PreK3-4th grade program is the perfect blend of a classical education combined with technology, innovation, and cross-cultural literacy.



Our 5th-8th grade program balances academics with athletics and arts in preparation for the rigor and expectations of Upper School.



Our high school program prepares students for success in college and career through academic rigor, athletics, arts, and leadership.



Our athletic program unleashes confidence and enables students to compete at the highest level - on and off of the field.



Outstanding theater, dance, visual arts, and music offerings inspire creativity, confidence, and a lifelong appreciation for the arts.



The Dunham experience rests upon a foundation of faith as we strive to educate our students' minds and hearts for Christ.


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