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The Dunham School is a pioneer when it comes to integrating technology and education. An Apple Distinguished School since 2011 and identified by Gallop in 2017 as one of the most innovative schools in the nation, Dunham is committed to preparing students for their future. We know a thing or two about balancing the strong foundations of a classical curriculum with cutting-edge technology to enhance student learning and engagement. And we've used that knowledge to tear down the traditional classroom walls and open up a world of endless resources and possibilities for our students.

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Nikole Blanchard

Director of Innovation and Technology

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Employed at Dunham since
Undergraduate Degree
Louisiana State University, 2001
Masters Degree
Louisiana State University, 2005
Doctorate Degree
National Board Certified Teacher; Apple Distinguished Educator; Google Certified Trainer; Apple Teacher; Apple Teacher SwiftPlaygrounds; Google Educator Level 1 and 2; Educational Technology Facilitator/Leader (K-12); ISTE Certified Educator
Awards or Additional Certificates
40 Under 40; LACUE Leader of the Year
Coaching/Club Responsibilities
Lower School Enrichment Clubs
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Nikole Blanchard
Director of Innovation and Technology
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FaceTime. Coding. Programming Robots. Creating iMovies.

It’s all in a day’s work at Dunham, where our technology program has transformed the way we teach and learn. After becoming pros with iPads in Pre-Kindergarten and Kindergarten, students in grades 1-12 receive their own MacBooks and become adept at using G Suite for Education, websites, and apps to create, publish work, and share ideas with teachers, classmates, and even peers from across the globe. Our technology-rich environment keeps students inspired, challenged, and prepared for success in college and career through experiences that build creativity, collaboration, and cross-cultural literacy.

Meet our Director

Director of Innovation and Technology Nikole Blanchard has been the guiding force behind our successful 1:1 MacBook program and longtime partnership with Apple. Thanks to her vision and leadership, Dunham’s been named the only PK-12 Apple Distinguished School in Louisiana and 100 percent of our teachers have completed the Apple Teacher program. Nikole is also a National Board Certified Teacher, Apple Distinguished Educator, Google Certified Trainer, Google Innovator and the President-Elect for the ISTE Board of Directors —and she still finds time to learn and discover new ways to use technology alongside our students.

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Our PreK3-4th grade program is the perfect blend of a classical education combined with technology, innovation, and cross-cultural literacy.



Our 5th-8th grade program balances academics with athletics and arts in preparation for the rigor and expectations of Upper School.



Our high school program prepares students for success in college and career through academic rigor, athletics, arts, and leadership.



Our athletic program unleashes confidence and enables students to compete at the highest level - on and off of the field.



Outstanding theater, dance, visual arts, and music offerings inspire creativity, confidence, and a lifelong appreciation for the arts.



The Dunham experience rests upon a foundation of faith as we strive to educate our students' minds and hearts for Christ.


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