Health & Wellness

Health & Wellness

Thanks to a partnership with Ochsner Medical Center, we have a full-time nurse on staff who oversees our health and wellness program. In compliance with current government HIPPA laws, student medical records and medications are securely stored in the nurse's office. In addition, to be in compliance with Louisiana state law, all medications, including Tylenol and Advil, must have a doctor's signature to be administered at school. In order for us to continue to provide the best standard of care possible, the following health forms, where applicable, must be on file for each student enrolled at The Dunham School.
Required Health Forms

Please refer to the information below to determine which health forms need to be submitted prior to the start of the school year. If you have any questions, please contact Connie Jenkins.

  • Student Health Information
    Prior to the start of each school year, parents will be contacted by their child's division office to complete the required student health information form electronically through PowerSchool, our student information system. Parents of students who take prescription or over the counter medication during the school day will also need to submit the following forms:
  • State of Louisiana Medication Order and Parental Consent Form
    Prescription medication that needs to be administered at school must be accompanied by this form signed by a primary care physician along with the parental consent form (found on page two). Students who do not take prescription medication at school do not need to submit this form. If medication is prescribed during the school year that needs to be administered by our school nurse, the form will need to be filled out and submitted at that time. Prescribed medications are to be brought in the prescription bottle with the prescription label and signed in by a parent or legal guardian in the nurse's office. Medication policies do not permit students to bring medications to school or deliver them to the nurses's office.
  • Over the Counter Medication Authorization
    Dunham provides limited over the counter medications that can be administered to Middle and Upper School students only when this authorization form has been signed by both a parent or legal guardian and a primary care provider. A new authorization form does not need to be submitted each year unless the student's medical status has changed.

    Please note that new students must submit their immunization records in addition to the required forms noted above.

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