The Dunham Fund is an investment in excellence—an investment that has a direct impact on the people and programs that make Dunham special—small class sizes, talented faculty, vital and inspiring academic, athletic, and arts programs, and individualized attention. Each gift to The Dunham Fund—no matter the size—makes a difference in the lives of our students every day.

The Dunham Fund is the one campaign we ask everyone to support each year. All gifts are 100% tax-deductible. If you have any questions, please contact Ciara Martin.

Ciara Martin

Director of Annual Giving

Director of Annual Giving

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Ciara Martin
Director of Annual Giving
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2023-2024 Dunham Fund Impact

Fundraising Goal:

Dollars Raised: $802,286
Board of Trustees Participation: 100%
Faculty & Staff Participation: 100%
Dunham Parents Association Participation: 100%
Annual Giving Parent Cabinet Participation: 100%
Alumni Council Participation: 100%
Parent Participation: 79%

Thank you!

In celebration of Dunham's 40th anniversary, we invite you to join our 40 for 40 giving initiative. As always, we are grateful for all contributions, and no gift is too small or too big.

How can you get involved?

  • Make a first-time gift of $40
  • Increase your annual gift by $40
  • Increase your annual gift by 40%
  • Increase your annual gift by a multiple of 40
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The Impact of The Dunham Fund

The Dunham Fund supports three areas of focus: Faculty, Scholarships and Financial Assistance, and the Area of Greatest Need. Gifts to The Dunham Fund assist us in fulfilling our mission to educate minds and hearts for Christ. Your support has an impact.

The Dunham Fund is about investing in the legacy that was left for our children and the legacy that our children and our family will leave for the next generation.
- Melissa & Blair Gremillion

We can't wait to welcome you!