Annual Giving Campaign

The Annual Giving Campaign is an investment in excellence—an investment that has a direct impact on the people and programs that make Dunham special—small class sizes, talented faculty, vital and inspiring academic, athletic, and arts programs, and individualized attention. Each gift to the Annual Giving Campaign—no matter the size—makes a difference in the lives of our students every day.

Annual Giving is the one campaign we ask everyone to support each year. All gifts are 100% tax-deductible. If you have any questions, please contact Kelly DeRossette.

Kelly DeRossette

Director of Development

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Kelly DeRossette
Director of Development
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2020-2021 Campaign

Fundraising Goals:
Faculty Fund: $250,000
Dollars Raised: $185,000

Scholarship Fund: $250,000
Dollars Raised: $180,000

Area of Greatest Need: $250,000
Dollars Raised: $458,000

Annual Giving Parent Cabinet: 100%
Board of Trustees: 100%
Faculty & Staff: 100%
Parent Participation: 72%

Thank you!

Annual Giving Campaign Funds

The Dunham Annual Giving Campaign is comprised of three funds. Gifts to one or more of these funds assist us in fulfilling our mission to educate minds and hearts for Christ. We invite you to designate your annual giving gift to the fund of your choice. Your support has an impact.

Faculty Fund
$250,000 Goal


  1. Gifts to the Faculty Fund assist us in hiring and retaining outstanding teachers. Your support of this fund will directly benefit the individuals who have the greatest impact on our students' lives.
  • $500 covers the fee for a teacher to obtain certification in a special area of concentration.
  • $1,000 sends a teacher a local conference.
  • $2,500 sends a teacher to a national conference.
  • $5,000 sends two teachers to a national conference.
  • $10,000 sends four teachers to a national conference.
  • $25,000 provides tuition assistance to a teacher pursuing an advanced degree.
  • $75,000 guarantees a 1% salary increase for all teachers.
  • $150,000 guarantees a 2% salary increase for all teachers.
Scholarship Fund
$250,000 Goal


  1. Each year we provide nearly $2,000,000 in merit and need-based scholarships to academically talented students who otherwise would not have access to a Dunham education. Your gift to the Scholarship fund will have an immediate impact on the life of a student and will make a lasting difference in his or her future.
  • $500 covers the technology fee for one student.
  • $1,000 provides one alumni scholarship.
  • $5,000 represents the median tuition assistance award.
  • $10,000 supports tuition assistance for two or more students.
  • $20,000 represents a one-year full tuition scholarship.
  • $30,000 represents a one-year McKay Academic Scholarship.
  • $50,000 represents a two-year tuition and fees scholarship.
  • $100,000 represents a four-year tuition and fees scholarship.
Area of Greatest Need
$250,000 Goal


  1. Gifts to the Area of Greatest Need provide the general operating budget with unrestricted money that is used to support the school’s highest priorities each year in areas such as academics, arts, or technology, small campus improvements, or forward-funding for the next fiscal year. While giving levels for this fund begin at $50, gifts at any level enable our administration and board of trustees to react quickly to our students' needs and allocate funds where they are most needed.
Annual Giving is about investing in the legacy that was left for our children and the legacy that our children and our family will leave for the next generation.
- Melissa & Blair Gremillion

We can't wait to welcome you!