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At Dunham, every new experience and discovery is an opportunity for growth and transformation. From lower school to upper school, from the classroom to the field, from the art studio to the science lab, every moment shapes who our students are today and prepares them for who they’ll become tomorrow. That’s why we ensure that every step taken is one of purpose that enriches the mind and heart for Christ.

Please take a moment to learn more about our school's distinctive programs, the personalized, relational approach we take in educating tomorrow's leaders, and our close-knit community where each child is known and prayed for by name. For more information, we encourage you to fill out an online inquiry form, learn more about the admissions process, and schedule a campus visit so you can experience Dunham firsthand. We look forward to meeting you!

Michelle Pricer

Director of Admission and Enrollment

Director of Admission and Enrollment

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Louisiana State University, 1992
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Alternative Teacher Education Program; McNeese State University, 1994; Speech/Drama Certification; McNeese State University, 1999
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Michelle Pricer
Director of Admission and Enrollment
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College Prep

Our aim is to equip our students—from our youngest learners in preschool to our seniors about to embark on their next educational journey—with the knowledge, interpersonal skills, and confidence needed for success in college. Guided by expert teachers and the advice of our college placement director, students are encouraged to dream big when it comes to their future and consistently gain acceptance into the colleges of their choice, with many earning substantial merit scholarship offers.

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Individualized Education

We understand that one size doesn’t fit all when it comes to education. We celebrate the fact that every child entrusted to us is fearfully and wonderfully made, with unique talents, intellectual strengths, and personality traits. We understand that each student, regardless of academic ability, is wired to learn in unique ways, and we believe that those preferences should be honored in the classroom. From the first morning of PreK2 to the last day in upper school, our teachers engage students and vary instruction to meet diverse learning styles.

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Small Classes

With a student/teacher ratio of 8:1 and an average class size of 15, students make big connections with each other and their teachers, who know and pray for them by name. We understand how students learn, where they struggle, and what makes them tick. We know their greatest strengths, their secret aspirations, and the many other characteristics that make them them. This capacity for connecting with students on a personal level is part of our school’s unique culture and often what our alumni value the most from their years at Dunham.

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Students gather around the table, eager to form opinions, share perspectives, and respect divergent points of view. In an era when most people speak first and listen later, our students think and listen intently as they learn to speak up, stake a claim, and defend an idea. This is Harkness at Dunham, a collaborative approach to teaching and learning that enables students to find and use their voices, preparing them to emerge as leaders in college and in their professional lives.

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Innovation & Technology

Need to Skype with a quantum physicist in Denmark? No problem. Program a robot? Done. Take a Flyover tour of Rome? You’re there. The world is our classroom at Dunham thanks to a curriculum that includes iPads, MacBooks, breakout boxes, 3D printers, robotics, coding, and explorations in the Innovation Labs. An Apple Distinguished School since 2011, we integrate technology and innovation into every classroom, enabling our students navigate the wonder and challenges of our world through experiences that build creativity, collaboration, and communication.

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Aristotle said, “Educating the mind without educating the heart is no education at all.” We couldn’t agree more.  As a Christian school, we care about our students’ success from an eternal perspective. By design, everything we do at Dunham—academics, athletics, arts—is grounded in the desire to see our students mature in Christian faith and character. Whether it’s through chapel services, biblical teaching, weekly advisory meetings, or service opportunities, our aim is to educate the heart as fully as the mind.

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From Lower School Sunshine Helpers to Middle School House Captains to Upper School Prefects, Dunham provides students with numerous opportunities to develop their leadership skills. Our goal is to educate empathetic servant leaders ready to affect positive change. In addition to elected positions and service opportunities, Upper School students participate in the Institute of Leadership, a formal leadership program designed to train, empower, and send students out to make a difference in the community and the world at large.

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"Our students are the next generation of innovators, problem solvers, and game changers.”
- Nikole Blanchard, Director of Innovation & Technology

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Our PreK3-4th grade program is the perfect blend of a classical education combined with technology, innovation, and cross-cultural literacy.



Our 5th-8th grade program balances academics with athletics and arts in preparation for the rigor and expectations of Upper School.



Our high school program prepares students for success in college and career through academic rigor, athletics, arts, and leadership.



Our athletic program unleashes confidence and enables students to compete at the highest level - on and off of the field.



Outstanding theater, dance, visual arts, and music offerings inspire creativity, confidence, and a lifelong appreciation for the arts.



The Dunham experience rests upon a foundation of faith as we strive to educate our students' minds and hearts for Christ.


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