As a college preparatory school, we aspire to have students achieve college placement at the highest levels possible. However, to help students discover their God-given purpose and be encouraged to live a life set apart as a practicing Christian is unique to our school.

The Dunham School is a special place, not just because the people or families are exceptional, but because the Spirit of the living God resides here. Our faculty and staff are committed to the educational and Christian mission of the school in ways that are tangible for students and parents alike. New Dunham parents report overwhelmingly that their children are happy to go to school each day, accepted by their peers. They comment on how the teachers care and pray for their children; not the typical school experience and, in this day and age, unique and different.

Teachers who care about their subject matter are not unusual, but teachers who willingly spend time before, during, after the school day and on weekends with students so they understand the material fully and are prepared for tests, are not the norm in every other school. Our teachers know students by name, know who they are—how they achieve and how they struggle. We seek to understand, support and encourage them to lead and serve others. 

I invite you to learn more about us not only through our website, but with a personal visit to our campus so you can discover for yourself what makes Dunham the best college preparatory school in Baton Rouge. Come see our students interacting with their teachers and peers, explore our academic, fine arts, and leadership programs, and understand the caliber of our student athletes and their coaches. We look forward to meeting you!

May God bless you,

Steven A. Eagleton
Head of School

Steven A. Eagleton

Head of School

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Lock Haven University, 1990
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Louisiana State University, 2007
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Steven A. Eagleton
Head of School
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