College Placement


College Placement

Your Next Journey Begins Here.

Every new journey begins with the first step, and at Dunham, that first step is the encouragement to dream big when it comes to the future. Here, college preparation begins early and is integrated into every aspect of school life. Our aim is to equip our students with the knowledge, interpersonal skills, and confidence needed for success in college and in life. 

Our college placement program is individualized to help students identify their strengths, interests, and career aspirations. Seventh grade academic planning meetings chart a course for the next six years, with an eye towards college admissions. College counseling continues in Upper School through regular meetings, information sessions with college reps, SAT and ACT test prep and advice, and assistance with applications, interviews, and scholarships. 

One hundred percent of Dunham seniors gain acceptance to college, with many earning substantial merit scholarship offers. From Pepperdine to LSU Honors College to The University of Pennsylvania, Notre Dame, or St. Andrew’s University in Scotland, Dunham graduates continue their educational journeys at some of the best schools across the country and abroad.


Email Director of College Placement Deidra Johnson.

“My academic planning meeting helped me realize that a good transcript is my ticket to college, and the cost of that ticket is hard work.”

- Becket Pricer ’21

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