Young Entrepreneurs Donate Earnings to OLOL Children’s Hospital

Young Entrepreneurs Donate Earnings to OLOL Children’s Hospital

February 27, 2020

During a Shark Tank-type challenge held during Middle School STEM night last fall, five Dunham designed, created and sold handcrafted products such as  crayon hearts, STEM keychains and even SLIME to their fellow classmates.

Recently the sixth graders —Charlee Mae Blanchard, Elizabeth Breland, Timothy Hebert, Camille Istre, and Anna McIlwain — together with Director of Innovation and Technology NIkole Blanchard, visited OLOL Children’s Hospital to donate their earnings from the Middle School STEM Night Shark Tank Challenge.  OLOL Foundation representative Adele Bowden gave the group a tour of the new hospital’s first floor, where students learned more about the overall design and Louisiana-themed areas.

At the end of their visit, the students wrote a  check for $100 to OLOL, each signing their name to the symbolic representation, the satisfying end to a wonderful experience for each student.

"It is encouraging to watch students take an idea and bring it to life. It's even better when they can use their God-given talents to benefit others," said Blanchard.

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