Warren Wolf Masterclass Inspires Young Musicians

Warren Wolf Masterclass Inspires Young Musicians

March 4, 2021

World class musician Warren Wolf, Jr. shared his ability, knowledge and passion for music with the Dunham band classes in a recent Masterclass on campus.

Wolf is a multi-instrumentalist who specializes in the vibraphone/marimba, piano and drums. He performed and talked with students at length about how passionate he is about music and how hard he worked to reach this level of mastery. Wolf began studying music with his father at age three. As young as grade school, he practiced after school for at least an hour and a half per day.

“Exposing our students to this level of musicianship gives them a glimpse of where hard work and dedication can lead,” said Dunham band director Michael Hull. “As their teacher, spending time with and listening to people like Warren gives me renewed inspiration to grow as a teacher and performer. Seeing my students’ eyes glaze over in awe of his ability shows that they are just as inspired.”

Students watched in awe as Wolf effortlessly added his own style to popular music, encouraging them to not be afraid to do the same. During the class, students were able to ask Wolf questions about his thought process and his approach to music. Because he has studied and played with some of the true greats in American music, Wolf was able to pass down the knowledge and insights that he learned from those teachers and musicians.

“As Fine Arts faculty, we want our students to learn  through experiences that will leave a lasting impression. Visiting artists create an aesthetic framework for students to develop confidence through the introduction of new concepts and diverse cultures,” said Fine Arts chair Lisa Murray.  “Visiting artists of Warren Wolf’s stature are a powerful educational ingredient that enhances learning through an exciting and meaningful experience.” Wolf’s visit was made possible by The Arts Council of Baton Rouge and a grant from the National Endowment for the Arts.

Hull added, “His passion for music is infectious. That type of perseverance can be applied by our students to any passions they pursue at Dunham and beyond, and the success will follow.”

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