Volleyball setter Caylin Pixley '23 Reaches 2000 Assists Milestone

Volleyball setter Caylin Pixley '23 Reaches 2000 Assists Milestone

September 9, 2022

Lady Tiger volleyball player Caylin Pixley ’23 reached the 2000+ Assists mark during the match vs St. Amant on September 1, 2022. She is the first setter in Dunham history to reach this milestone.

“It means so much to have reached this milestone, especially with our coaching staff and the amazing group of girls I get to play with,” Caylin said.

Caylin, who has been playing varsity volleyball since the seventh grade, started out first as a libero, not a setter.

“Her hard work, dedication, and commitment to logging in the reps have definitely helped her to reach this milestone,” said Lady Tiger coach Donna Pixley of her daughter, “but without great teammates who also are putting in the work, reaching this mark would have been much more difficult. The setter only gets an assist when the hitter is able to terminate the attack, so without a great pass and great hitters, this would not be possible.”

Caylin credits her coaches, especially her mom, for “putting in countless frustrating hours with me in the gym and working through some very tough stuff.”

“The rest of the credit needs to go to my teammates,” she continued.  “A set isn’t an assist unless someone puts it away, and that is exactly what my hitters do. All of them should get the credit  because 2000+ assists is insane.”

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