Thibodeaux Named 2018 Liz Peters Master Teacher

Thibodeaux Named 2018 Liz Peters Master Teacher

May 25, 2018

During his 35 years at The Dunham School, Joey Thibodeaux has faithfully served the school in a myriad of roles — Algebra teacher, Dean of Students, P.E teacher, Head Football Coach, Head Baseball Coach, Athletic Director, and Upper and Middle School Advisor to name a few.  

During the school’s Commencement Ceremony on May 19, Thibodeaux added a new role to the list when he was named as the 2018 recipient of the Liz Peters Master Teacher Award.

The award, named for the late Liz Peters, who was the school’s first employee and a master teacher herself, recognizes outstanding teaching at The Dunham School, inspiring excellence in the classroom and ensuring the retention of Master Teachers to form the nucleus of a strong teaching faculty for  Dunham’s future.

“Alumni often return to the school, seeking out Coach Thib and reminiscing about him being the 'best Algebra teacher in the world.' It is rare that an individual has such varied gifts and talents to share with his students, but Joey is one of those rare individuals,” said Head of School Steve Eagleton. “I can think of no more consistent example of one who, in his teaching, exemplifies the mission of The Dunham School.”

Dunham fourth grader Ellie Dowling, granddaughter of the late Liz Peters and her father Dustin Dowling, joined Eagleton on stage for the award presentation.

Though known by most as a wonderful coach who led the Tiger football team to a State Championship in 2004 and has been named Coach of the Year at the district, parish and state levels, Thibodeaux’s impact in his Algebra classroom overshadows his numerous coaching accomplishments.

“Joey has been an invaluable member of the Math department at Dunham. He continues to demonstrate the Master Teacher characteristics of lifelong learning and leadership and consistently seeks to improve his pedagogy. Joey has mentored and assisted other Master Teachers as they sought wisdom on classroom management and instruction in their early years,” Eagleton said.

(2018 photo by Eye Wander Photo)

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