SAGE Dunham Homemade Play Dough Provides Great Family Fun

SAGE Dunham Homemade Play Dough Provides Great Family Fun

April 7, 2020

Lauren Guy, Dunham’s SAGE Dining Food Service Director, and her son battle the social distancing blues by making homemade play dough together.

“This recipe is super fun and easy to do at home. I thought our Dunham families would enjoy it,” Guy said.

Enjoy this fun family activity together and see how creative you can be with play dough!

SAGE Dunham Play Dough Recipe:

Mix the dry ingredients together in a pot.  Stir in the water, oil, and vanilla extract.  Cook the mixture over medium heat until a dough forms.  Put it on a cutting board until it cools a bit and then knead it until it is the consistency of play dough.

The food coloring can be added while the dough is cooking or while you are kneading it. This is a fun activity for kiddos, once the dough has cooled enough. The food coloring may stain your hands. Gloves can be worn. But, right now, we aren’t going anywhere for awhile and it will eventually wear off.

This keeps for a surprisingly long time in a sealed ziplock bag. Cut it out with a cookie cutter and use it for a party favor.

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