Remembering Terry Harrison, Head of School 1981-1986

Remembering Terry Harrison, Head of School 1981-1986

January 11, 2020

It is with a mixture of profound sadness and praise for a Christian life well-lived that we share the recent passing of Wentworth Terry Harrison, Head of School from 1981-1986. Harrison passed away on December 18,2019, in Newnan, Georgia.

Former Head of School Terry Harrison

Terry Harrison was hired in 1981 as the first Head of School for what was then The Chapel School. Believing that the school would "go far in nurturing sound minds and bodies for positive citizenship and Christian commitment," he left a mark that is still recognized today.

In his role as the first Head of School, Mr. Harrison was instrumental in the development of some of the educational programs that the school continues to utilize. He also instituted some of the traditional recognition and advancement events that remain cherished aspects of the Dunham culture including Moving Up, All School Prayer to begin the new school year, and faculty retreats.

“The traditional practice of marking the passage of time with the ringing of a bell is one introduced to the school by Terry Harrison and still present today in the Lower School Moving Up ceremony and at Graduation,” said current Head of School Steve Eagleton.  “Terry’s lasting legacy, however, was the gift of the faculty handbook and the educational structure that served as a guide for Christian teachers to educate both the mind and the heart for Christ , with excellence.  Rooted in Scripture, our founding documents outline all truth as God’s truth and the pursuit of excellence in all things as a biblical admonition.

Eagleton continued, “While our school location, size and name have changed, our adherence to our founding principles and practices has deepened, and has become more ingrained in our culture. As a true Marine, Terry was instrumental in charting that initial course for our school. We continue to move steadily and swiftly on that heading, reaping the benefits and blessings to this day!”

Born March 8,1932 in Ft. Riley, Kansas, Mr. Harrison later did his undergraduate work in History and Bible at Wheaton College. He also held graduate degrees from Wheaton Graduate School and State University of New York. Before arriving in Baton Rouge, Mr. Harrison served in various capacities as an administrator and faculty member at The prestigious Stony Brook School (New York) and as Head of School at Charlotte Christian (North Carolina).

Mr. Harrison lived a life of service both to his country and to others, serving proudly as an officer in the United States Marine Corps form 1954-1962, then serving others through Christian Education for over 50 years as both an extraordinary teacher and Head of School.  He continued his life of service after retirement as an active member and Sunday School teacher at Peachtree City United Methodist Church.

We offer our sincere condolences to the Harrison family. Harrison is survived by his beloved wife of 63 years, Andrea; six children; 15 grandchildren and four great grandchildren.

Expressions of sympathy may be made in the form of donations to the Officers Christian Fellowship, Ambassadors for Christ International or the Peachtree United Methodist Church Children’s Ministry.

Terry Harrison | Head of School 1981-1986 | From the "Lion's Pride 1984"

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