Innovation Night Provides STEM-Focused Fun

Innovation Night Provides STEM-Focused Fun

September 20, 2017

“Everything begins with an idea.”

This concept provides the foundation for Dunham’s first Lower School “Innovation Night,” Thursday, September 21, hosted by the Technology Center and open to Dunham parents and students (grades PK-4).

“At Innovation Night, Dunham parents will get a glimpse of what students do in the Innovation Lab,” said Nikole Blanchard, Director of Innovation and Technology. “In the Innovation Lab, we use an engineering design process. Students are given an challenge and they determine how to solve the challenge. They get to think the challenge through without restriction of right or wrong way to solve it.”  

Designed as a parent-child interactive experience, Innovation Night revolves around 12 stations featuring hands on, age-appropriate games and activities that Lower School families can explore, create, collaborate, and investigate together. The STEM-focused activities include Coding Golf, Ocean In A Bottle, MarkerBots, Static Electricity Station, Robotics demonstration, Osmos Tangrams, Ziplines, Magnets & Gears, Photo Booth and more. Students who complete activities at all of the stations earn their Innovation NIght button.

To encourage participation by Lower School families, Thursday has been designated a NO HOMEWORK night. Teachers will be available to answer questions and guide with helpful hints.  

“Everyone will leave with something they have made or created,” Blanchard explained. “Kids need experience with technology to understand how to use it wisely and safely. They learn by applying it fun ways and engaging in the process,” Blanchard explained.

Innovation Night also fulfills Blanchard’s mission to provide innovation and technology outreach activities for Dunham families and the greater community. There are plans to host a Middle School STEM Night in the spring.

We can't wait to welcome you!