Dunham Selected for Technology Education Research Study

Dunham Selected for Technology Education Research Study

February 27, 2019

The Dunham School has been chosen as one of twelve schools nationwide to participate in a yearlong research study in partnership with Apple, Inc.

Technology education researchers Dr. Ruben Puentedura and Dr. Mark Benno recently visited the Dunham campus to discuss research best practices and the impact of research on student learning.

"It was a pleasure to have both Dr. Benno and Dr. Puentedura on our campus this week. Dr. Benno has a long history with Dunham and helped us set our vision ten years ago. I have studied Dr. Puentedura's work on transformational technology integration for years, so having him on campus was a surreal experience," said Director of Innovation and Technology Nikole Blanchard.

“This is a fantastic opportunity to continue our partnership with Apple and engage in action research with the leading technology education researchers in the world,” said Head of School Steve Eagleton.  “The fact that Apple views Dunham as a leading school in education technology is both humbling and a credit to the dedication of our teachers and support from our technology staff.”

Eagleton continued,“Dunham continues to lead the way in using cutting edge technology applications to improve learning outcomes  Our teachers model lifelong learning for our students. It is part of the culture of constant improvement and innovation at The Dunham School that delivers a world class education to our students and families.”

US Director Amanda McIlwain, Head of School Steve Eagleton, Dr. Mark Benno, Dr. Ruben Puentedura, Innovation and Technology  Director Nikole Blanchard and US teacher Kris Harrell

We can't wait to welcome you!