Dunham Scientiest Showcase Work at Science Fair

Dunham Scientiest Showcase Work at Science Fair

January 29, 2018

Eighth grader Maddie Benton was the overall winner of The Dunham School’s 2018 Middle School/Upper School Science Fair. Benton’s project, “How Vessel Size Affects Bacterial Growth,” scored the most points overall in both Middle School and Upper School categories. Benton also placed first in the Middle School Biology & Chemistry category.

Twenty-four students from Honors Physical Science (Middle School) and Honors Physics (Upper School) participated in this year’s annual science fair.  Student projects were judged by a variety of college students, alumni, parents and professionals in the science and/or engineering field.  Each student presented his/her project to three different judges, explaining methodology and fielding questions. Judges scores were then averaged to get project’s final score.

“At Dunham, instead of simply hearing about science, students engage in active learning. Science fair not only provides the opportunity for our students to “BE” scientists, but also to develop many important skills,” says STEM Director Sheri Goings. “Students research, hypothesize, investigate and present a project of their own choosing.  Learning how to add to the body of knowledge that exists about their world prepares students to become gamechangers of the future.”

Middle School award winners will compete in the Region VII Louisiana Science and Engineering Fair, Junior Division, at LSU on February 6, 2018. Upper School award winners will compete in the Senior Division on February 7, 2018.

Congratulations to the following Dunham MS/US Science Fair award winners:

Overall Winner: Maddie Benton ‘22 - "How Vessel Size Affects Bacterial Growth"

Middle School Biology & Chemistry

Middle School Physics:

Upper School Behavioral Science & Social Science

Upper School Environmental Engineering

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