Donald Tabb Presented with PAIDEIA Award

Donald Tabb Presented with PAIDEIA Award

May 3, 2017

Rev. Donald Tabb, Pastor Emeritus of The Chapel On The Campus and one of the founders of The Dunham School, has been recognized by PAIDEIA, Inc. for his vision and role in the formation and continuing support of the School  since its inception. Head of School Steve Eagleton presented Rev. Tabb with the PAIDEIA AWARD FOR PASTORAL SUPPORT OF CHRISTIAN SCHOOLING during  the school’s National Day of Prayer Chapel on May 4, 2017 in the Brown-Holt Chapel Arts Center.

“It is fitting today, on our National Day of Prayer, to recognize God’s power through prayer and the sacrificial role that Donald and his wife Mary have played in the formation of The Dunham School,”said Eagleton. “Donald and Mary’s support of the school has been unwavering from the beginning and continues to this day.”

Rev. Tabb expressed his heartfelt thanks to the audience of students, teachers, parents and friends.

“You are fulfilling the dream of five ordinary men who got down on our knees to ask God to help us start a school that would honor Him and teach our children the things that needed to be taught,” he said. “God has answered that prayer. It is my privilege to be associated with what I believe is one of the greatest schools in America—The Dunham School.”

The Tabbs’ legacy at the school has already been ensured with the establishment of the Donald and Mary Tabb Prayer Room.

“As a school founded and sustained by prayer, it was fitting to name the beautiful prayer room in the Chapel foyer in their honor,” Eagleton said.

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