2020 Commencement Character Awards Recognize Individual Excellence

2020 Commencement Character Awards Recognize Individual Excellence

June 18, 2020

Each year, during the Commencement Ceremony, five special awards recognize graduating seniors who have not only demonstrated excellence in academics, athletics and/or the arts, but have done so in a way that exemplifies the mission of The Dunham School.

Congratulations to these outstanding graduates of the Class of 2020:

Artes Domini Gloriae

The 2020 Artes Domini Gloriae Award was presented to Caitlyn McMorris '20 by Fine Arts Department Head Lisa Murray.

The Artes Domini Gloriae Award, meaning "Arts for the Glory of God", honors the senior who possesses superior artistry and has demonstrated outstanding achievement in the fine arts. This senior, chosen by the fine arts faculty, is endowed with exceptional talent and has been committed to the fine arts while maintaining strength of character and integrity.

First Timothy 4:14-15 says, "Do not neglect the gift you have, which was given to you by prophecy when the council of elders laid their hands on you. Practice these things, immerse yourself in them, so that all may see your progress."

Congratulations, Caitlyn McMorris '20!

Hall of Fame Award

The 2020 Hall of Fame Award was presented to Hannah Pixley '20 by Upper School Director Amanda McIlwain.

Chosen by the faculty, the Hall of Fame Award is presented each year to the senior who had brought the greatest positive community recognition to The Dunham School during the course of his/her high school career.

This year's recipient is distinguished in the classroom as an excellent student as well as on the field of play. While pushing herself to ready her full athletic potential, she finished her high school career with a remarkable 3.9 grade point average.

She earned the respect of the Baton Rouge volleyball community for her tenacious play and outstanding ability to push herself to excellence. Her mindset on the court has been described as passionate and determined. She is a fierce competitor, recognized and respected by opponents for her outstanding team play. She has excelled  on the court, receiving post-season honors at every level —District, Metro and State— during her athletic careet and stands as one of the all-time most decorated volleyball players in school. Volleyball has been her platform to honor God. Her true character has been demonstrated by the compassion she has for family, friends and teammates.

Congratulations, Hannah Pixley '20!

Katharine O. Dunham Award For Citizenship

The 2020 Katharine O. Dunham Award For Citizenship was presented to Caden Eagleton '20 by Head of School Steve Eagleton.

The Dunham School Honor Code is the primary building block of the school community. The school believes that each student should have a strong sense of personal honor and integrity and that these character qualities will be vital assets throughout life. In recognition of the important role that the Honor Code plays in the life of The Dunham School and that of its students, this award is given to the senior whose conduct and character best exemplifies the The Dunham School Honor Code.

Congratulations, Caden Eagleton '20!

Servant's Heart Award

The 2020 Servant's Heart Award was presented to Libby Boudreaux by Head of School Steve Eagleton.

Fostering an attitude of service to others is a very important part of educating the mind and the heart, taking as the ultimate role model our Lord Jesus Christ, "who did not come to be served, but to serve."

This award honors the senior whose high school career has clearly displayed an attitude of serving others at school, at church, and in the community. Like Paul's helper, Timothy, this award recipient possesses a willing hand and a servant's heart, performing numerous selfless acts of willing and cheerful service, not for self but for the greater glory of God.

Congratulations, Libby Boudreaux '20!

Crimson And Silver Award

The 2020 Crimson and Silver Award, the highest honor awarded to a Dunham senior, was presented  to Emma Spencer '20 by Head of School Steve Eagleton.

The recipient of the Crimson and Silver Award is chosen by the faculty as the senior who has consistently exemplified the love of Christ with both peers and faculty and whose life has clearly reflected a desire to honor God and acknowledge Him in all his/her ways.

This year's honoree truly demonstrated what a servant of the Lord Jesus Christ is. Her kind heart and servant-like attitude are evident to all. Her concern for others and her service to the school has set a standard of excellence not soon to be overshadowed.

Congratulations, Emma Spencer '20!

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