Fifty-two Middle School Students Earn Duke TIP Recognition

Fifty-two Middle School Students Earn Duke TIP Recognition

Fifty-two Dunham Middle School students were invited to participate in the Duke University Talent Identification Program (Duke TIP). Two seventh grade students qualified for Duke TIP Grand Recognition.  Eleven seventh graders qualified for State Recognition.

Duke TIP Grand Recognition

Ethan Courter and Mason Elliot qualified for Grand Recognition by scoring a 31 or higher on English or Reading; 29 or higher on Math, or 28 or higher on the Science subtests  of the ACT college entrance exam. This recognition places Ethan and Mason among the top 2% of the talent search pool.

Duke TIP State Recognition

Students who qualified for State Recognition are in the top 30% of the talent search pool. They earned this qualification by scoring 22 or above on one of the four ACT subtests. Seventh grade students who earned this recognition include Ben Barton, Taylor Brasell, Ethan Courter, Charlie Dantin, Mason Elliot, Mallory Golightly, Katie Harris, Brayden LeBlanc, Claire McIlwain, Clay Pecue and Kai Washington.

Each year, lower and middle school students who have scored above the 95th percentile on one or more national standardized achievement tests are invited to participate in Duke Tip. Founded in 1980, the program is dedicated to the cultivation and education of talented youth and strives to provide recognition and information on educational opportunities to qualifying students who choose to participate.

Other students in grades 5-7 receiving invitations to Duke TIP include:

(7th grade) Thomas Aulet, Lila Badeaux, Luke Ducote, Londyn Godley, Adrian Raymond, and Gus Van Haute.

(6th grade) Liam Dowling, Andy Dutruch, Alysse Fee, Isaac Ham, Lucy Claire Harviso, Jack Haynes, Melina Jacobsmeyer, Madeline Murphy, Reynolds Pontti, Jordyn Robvais, and Alex Smith.

(5th grade) Oriana Armstrong, Andrew Bardwell, Charlee Mae Blanchard, Elizabeth Breland, Kendall Carlton, Ethan Darlington, Ellie Dowling, Aiden Fee, Trevor Haman, Camille Istre, Alexa Lewis, Anna McIlwain, Joshua McIlwain, Grant Mercer, Caroline Morris, An Nguyen, Jake Novas, Colin Pecue, Ava Grayce Prestridge-Hoover, Cole Richter, Parker Roberts, Neil Singh and Londyn Thibodeaux.

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