Middle School Scientists Advance to Region VII Science Fair

Middle School Scientists Advance to Region VII Science Fair

February 5, 2020

When The Dunham School held its Middle School Science Fair on Thursday, January 16, 19 honors eighth graders presented their projects to a panel of seven industry and community volunteer judges. The following students placed in the top three spots of the 2020 Dunham Middle School Science Fair and will advance to the Region VII Science Fair on February 18 at Louisiana State University:

Adrian Raymond '24, 1st Place

1st Place: Adrian Raymond ‘24, “How do Refraction and Scattering Effect Light?”;

2nd Place: Ethan Courter ‘24, “Examining Wavelength and Waveform Based on the Number of Magnets”;

3rd Place: Claire McIlwain ‘24, “Sound Absorption for Household Materials”.

Three additional Dunham students are Regional Qualifiers:

Nathan Hays ’24,“Comparing Materials to Determine the Best Substance to Protect Areas from Tsunamis”;

Charlie Dantin ‘24, “The Effects of Ocean Acidification on Sea Shells”; and

Mason Elliott ‘24, “How is the Speed of Cognition Affected by the Stroop Effect?”  

These students also have earned the opportunity to compete in the Region VII Science Fair later this month at LSU. Congratulations to our young scientists!

Ethan Courter '24, 2nd Place
Claire McIlwain, '24, 3rd Place
Nathan Hays, '24, Regional Qualifier
Charlie Dantin '24, Regional Qualifier
Mason Elliot '24, Regional Qualifier

We can't wait to welcome you!