Fourth Grade Writers Win Statewide Contest Awards

Fourth Grade Writers Win Statewide Contest Awards

June 2, 2021

Congratulations to three Dunham 4th graders who wrote winning pieces for the Coastal Wetlands Planning, Protection and Restoration Act’s Wetlands Writing Contest.

Jenna Parson ’29 placed 2nd for her personal narrative titled “My Swamp.” Charlotte Comeaux ’29 was awarded 3rd place for her personal narrative titled “Wetlands.”  Ryan Leach '29 won 3rd place for his fictional story titled “The Swamp Monster.” 

The contest, which was open to students in grades K-4 statewide, required students to write a poem, a personal narrative, or a fictional story centered on the beauty and importance of Louisiana’s coastal wetlands. All Dunham fourth grade students participated in the contest 

The Dunham fourth graders prepared for the writing contest by interviewing Mrs. Sandra Holmes, a Dunham 7th grade science teacher, about her own work using lotus pods to help rebuild our state’s coastal marshes. In addition, the fourth graders had the opportunity to hear famed Louisiana photographer C.C. Lockwood share about  his own work in photographing and advocating for our beautiful state. 

Jenna Parsons '29
Charlotte Comeaux '29
Ryan Leach '29

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