Dunham Alum Cary Koch '05 Advocates For Small Brewers

Dunham Alum Cary Koch '05 Advocates For Small Brewers

February 28, 2018

Louisiana Craft Brewers Guild Executive Director Cary Koch Is Ready to Help Small Breweries.

By David Jacobs, Special to The Advocate

Cary Koch wasn’t always a beer enthusiast. But these days, that’s the best way to describe his job.

Last year, the Baton Rouge native started working as the executive director of the Louisiana Craft Brewers Guild, a group of active state breweries and corporate allies that had existed since 2011 without that leadership position.

Louisiana’s craft beer segment continues to grow. However, regulatory red tape is holding brewers back. That’s where Koch comes in. Working with the guild, he advocates for those small breweries.

It’s a job that has its difficulties, but Koch, a former NFL and CFL wide receiver, is ready to make the big play and tackle those challenges.

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