Health Protocols

Health and Wellness Protocols

The Dunham School is committed to the health and safety of our students, parents, and staff. We have benefited from our unique partnership with Ochsner Medical, which has allowed us to operate safely in face-to-face mode. 
Due to our traditionally small class sizes, campus layout, and innovation, we are blessed to be able to safely operate school. The protocols and procedures described below have been put in place to create the best experience possible for each of our students. We will continue to monitor guidelines from the CDC as well as our state and local authorities and will update these protocols as necessary. If you have any questions, please contact your division office.
Early childhood
225-767-7097 ext. 324
Lower School
225-767-7097 ext. 310
Middle School
225-767-7097 ext. 331
Upper School
225-767-7097 ext. 311
Face Masks

While masks and face coverings are not currently required at The Dunham School, individuals who are concerned about the risk of infection or are in a high risk category should continue to wear a mask. We will continue to monitor the rate of infection on campus and reserve to reinstate masks should health circumstances necessitate that we do so.

Cleaning, Sanitizing, and Hand Washing

The Dunham School will continue to operate safely through the practice of more frequent cleaning, sanitization, and hand washing. Hand sanitizing and washing stations are located throughout our campus. Dunham will continue to educate students about safe hygiene practices. We are opening our doors this year with a new technology that adds another layer of protection for our students and staff. We have partnered with NDS to install a CASPR system that continually disinfects the air and surfaces throughout our campus.

COVID-19 Monitoring and Follow-up Procedures

In partnership with Ochsner, Dunham has developed health and safety protocols in order to maintain the health of the entire community. We rely on our partnership with parents to closely monitor their child’s health, look for symptoms of COVID-19, and notify the school in the event of possible COVID-19 infection.

Lunch Program

The lunch program from SAGE Dining will return to standard operating procedures this school year. Dining hall occupancy will remain reduced to meet socially distancing guidelines while unmasked. Students will eat in the Rollins Family Dining Hall, in the front circle, or other assigned dining locations around campus. Until further notice, we cannot accommodate parent visitors for lunch.

Recess, Physical Education & Athletics

Physical education/activity will take place in all grade levels as a part of the school day. Middle School students will dress out for physical education classes. Students will NOT be required to wear masks during recess, PE class, or athletics. We will follow LHSAA guidelines and protocols with regard to Middle and Upper School team sports and will communicate updates with student-athletes and their families.

Carpool & Aftercare/Study Hall

We will continue our use of Safe Dismissal to move students efficiently from classroom to car during afternoon carpool. Aftercare and study hall will continue to operate. As a reminder, students may NOT be dropped off at the DAC.

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