40 Stories for 40 Years

40 Stories for 40 Years video series celebrates the 40 years of The Dunham School. Each video is an unscripted interview from members of the Dunham community answering the question, "what does Dunham mean to me?" From Christ's love, to the community, and even Dunham feeling like home, each interview is unique about what makes The Dunham School truly special.

Ashley Baxter D'Aubin '10

"I get to watch my child experience everything I got to experience as a student here."

Mitch McIlwain '94

"To me, Dunham is the tangible expression of Christ's love for us."

Camille '26

"There is this atmosphere of Christ around everything."

Ryan '27

"Something unique about Dunham and special to me, is that they can bring everything back to Christianity."

Sherry Swanner

"To me, Dunham means building lasting relationships."

Neil Weiner

"No matter where you go in life, you can always come back home."

Kennedy '22

"To me, Dunham is family."

Amanda McIlwain

"Dunham is really about helping kids discover their opportunities"

Allyson Jones Hingle '92

"Dunham, to me, means home."

Mary Theriot

"When I think about what Dunham means to me, I just have to think that it's a big blessing."

Lance Hahn

"What Dunham means to me is, if I had to sum it up, would be hope."

Chad Myers '96

"I feel like I'm at home when I'm here."

...check back soon for more video stories as we celebrate our 40th anniversary!

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