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Digital Brand Standards

The guidelines below provide the standards by which all Dunham School branding must adhere to in the digital space. From logos and typefaces to colors and buttons, this step-by-step guide illustrates the finer details of the digital design work to present clean and consistent Dunham brand.


It's important that the logos for Dunham are presented with consistent formats. Horizontal positioning makes for an easy, well-fitted display in the nav bar while the simplified versions of the logos help to avoid cluttering up the site.

Dunham Logo Mark


For both headings and body copy, it's important that the text is easy to read and that it captures the attention of visitors to the site.


Avenir 700, 200px font size, 200px line height

Heading 1

Avenir 700, 60px font size, 70px line height

Heading 2

Greate Vibes, 50px font size, 60px line height

Heading 3

Avenir 700, 40px font size, 50px line height

Heading 4

Avenir 700, 30px font size, 40px line height
Heading 5
Avenir 700, 20px font size, 30px line height, 1 letter spacing, all caps
Heading 6
Avenir 700, 14px font size, 24px line height, 2 letter spacing, all caps
Body copy
Avenir 300, 14px font size, 24px line height
Meta Copy
Avenir 300, 10px font size, 20px line height
Red Text
Class: t-wine
Blue Text
Class: t-sky


Colors are key to good clean branding, and the colors below make up the color palette complementing the Dunham brand. All colors must be used within a reasonable balance as demonstrated throughout the design and must adhere to the hex codes (#000000) demonstrated below the name of each color.