NEWS | September 04, 2018

Tiger Kicker Evan Light '19 Proving That Anyone Can Tackle Obstacles

By Carmen Farrish, WAFB 

 When life hands one an obstacle, many strive to tackle it.

“I’m just always trying to get better and practice every second,” said senior Dunham High School football player, Evan Light.

“Sometimes, if a ball doesn’t go right, it’s probably because I stepped too far back or a little too close, so that’s why I have to practice every day. I try to get it right every single time,” the football player said.

But what if that so called obstacle was really your main motivator?

18-year-old Evan Light is one of two kickers at Dunham High School.

“If I can get my steps down and do everything right, it can go well every time,” Light said, referring to the technique that goes into kicking a football.

Light also just so happens to have prosthesis. He lost both legs in an accident when he was 5-months-old.   

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