NEWS | October 11, 2017

Middle School Mathletes Make It Count

The Dunham Middle School Mathletes made every answer count, winning top awards in every category at the Junior High Math Tournament held Saturday, October 7 at Comeaux High School in Lafayette.

“It was great watching the support and encouragement the students gave to each other,” said Sheri Goings, Dunham STEM Director and team adviser.  “I can’t wait to see what God has in store for the futures of these young Mathletes.” 

Matching wits against 175 students in grades 6th-8th representing 9 schools, Dunham’s Mathletes excelled with strong individual and team performances in every category. They finished first on the  6th grade math bowl team test, first in the all school test and second in the Algebra 1 team test. Each of Dunham’s 17 mathletes brought home an award in their respective events.  

“I am so proud of our students! They did a phenomenal job competing and representing our school,” Goings added. 

Top Team Awards 

  • 1st place, Math Bowl: 6th grade team #1—Katie Harris, Mallory Golightly, Ruth Lau and Lila Badeaux 
  • 1st Place, Potpourri: Josh Harris (8), Jason Pere (8) and Devyani Vij (8)
  • 1st place, All School Test:  Lila Badeaux (6), Michael Hoard (6) Cooper Sirk (6),Kari Johnson (7), Cade Cloud (8), Colin Foil (8), Josh Harris (8), Jason Pere (8), Daniel Thompson (8) and Devyani Vij (8)  
  • 2nd place, Math Bowl: Algebra 1 team #2— Catherine Van Haute (7), Mackenna Sink (6) and Grace Robvais (6)

Top  Individual awards included:

  • 1st place, Potpourri: Devyani Vij (8)
  • 2nd place, Potpourri: Josh Harris (8)
  • 2nd place, 6th grade: Mallory Golightly (6)
  • 3rd place, Potpourri: Jason Pere (8)
  • 3rd place, 6th grade: Ruth Lau (6)
  • 5th place, Algebra 1: Mackenna Sink (7)