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Parent Portal

Welcome, Parents!

We’re glad you’re part of our school community. This portion of our website is designed to serve as your one-stop reference for all the information you may need throughout the school year. Can’t find something? Email We’re happy to help.

New to Dunham?

We've created a new family web page to keep them informed over the summer and facilitate the transition into a new school.

2018-2019 Key Dates Calendar Now Available

Important dates for the 2018-2019 school year are now posted under "Related Links" below.

2018-2019 Athletic Packets:

Parents, if your middle or upper school student plans to participate in any sport next year, please make sure you have read and signed the documents found in the 2018-2019 MS or US Athletics Packets found below under "Resources."

Summer Reading & Math Assignments:

All new and returning K-12th grade students will have summer reading assignments, and all new and returning Middle and Upper School students will have summer math work to complete before the start of school. Links to summer reading and math can be found below under "Resources."

Summer School:

Registration for Summer School is now open. To learn more about our Summer School Program, click here.

Do you know a future Tiger?

As a current Dunham parent, you know better than anyone the type of students who’ll thrive in our Christ-centered community. We invite you to use the “Refer A Friend” link at the right to send us contact information for families you feel would be a great fit for Dunham. Also, please invite family, friends, or co-workers who may be looking for a new school home for their children to visit Dunham or attend our Open House on Feb. 23.

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