Apple Distinguished School 11-12


The Dunham School has been named a 2011-2012 Apple Distinguished School in recognition of the innovative implementation of its 1 to 1 MacBook program. 

Headmaster Bobby Welch and Education Technology Director Nikole Blanchard formally announced the honor at a faculty reception, Monday, February 13, 2012, and again at an all school surprise celebration, Tuesday, February 14, 2012.  The Apple Distinguished School designation is reserved for schools that are recognized centers of educational excellence and leadership.  Dunham is one of 56 schools nationwide selected as an Apple Distinguished School this year. What Is An Apple Distinguished School?

"Receiving the Apple Distinguished School Award is the ultimate compliment to the dedicated leadership in Technology Education provided by Technology Director Nikole Blanchard and her staff. It is a reward, too, for our parents who believe in the proper application of technology tools for their Dunham students, and for our faculty who has been sacrificial with their time and other resources to master the learning curve required to use the technology effectively,” Headmaster Bobby Welch said.  “But, most of all, it is a great tribute to our wonderful students who have embraced technology as the powerful tool it is to research, store, and instantly access a world of information."   

The selection of The Dunham School as an Apple Distinguished School highlights it successes in enhancing and extending teaching and learning with thoughtful and innovative implementations of technology. Since the implementation of the school’s 1 to 1 MacBook program in 2009, there has been a shift in the way teaching and learning occurs at The Dunham School.  Using MacBook software and unlimited Internet resources, teachers have revised lesson plans to meet the needs of “digital natives.” Students create and submit projects in a variety of formats including podcasts, iMovies and newsletters.

Since the adoption of the 1 to 1 MacBook program, the school also has completely rebuilt the campus wireless system to support teaching and learning, adding a guest network for parents and visitors.  During the school year, weekly technology development opportunities and monthly newsletters provide teachers with current technology information and a support system.  The Dunham School has also established a collaborative partnership with Louisiana State University to exchange knowledge and professional development opportunities, including an annual three-day Summer Technology Institute for Dunham faculty.