Middle School



Middle School

Launching into 

New Waters

Middle School represents a time of transition filled with energy and excitement. We embrace the fact that our students are undergoing drastic physical, social, emotional, and cognitive changes and provide a child-centered program staffed with caring, Christian teachers. We consider it a privilege and great responsibility to walk alongside our students and their parents for four wonderful years, as they navigate the often difficult waters that come with the passage from childhood into early adolescence.

Middle School Curriculum

Our Middle School college-preparatory curriculum balances academics with athletics, arts, and opportunities to participate in a wide range of extracurricular activities, including weekly chapel and advisory meetings, House competitions, class retreats, daily Bible study, and various service opportunities. Academic decisions are made with the portrait of a Dunham graduate in mind as we prepare our students for the rigor and expectations of Upper School and college. In addition to the grade-level curriculum noted below, we offer an alternative model for Middle School students ready to take on advanced coursework.

Middle School


Academic Subjects by Grade

  • English 5
  • Literature 5
  • Mathematics 5
  • Science 5
  • History 5
  • Bible 5
  • Latin 5
  • STEM I
  • Fine Arts Rotation (Art, Choir, Dance, Speech)
  • Physical Education

    • English 6
    • Literature 6
    • Mathematics 6, Mathematics 6 Advanced, or Pre-Algebra
    • Science 6
    • American History 6
    • Bible 6
    • Latin 6
    • STEM II
    • Beginning Band or Fine Arts Rotation (Art, Choir, Dance, Theatre)
    • Physical Education
    • English 7
    • Pre-Algebra 7 or Algebra I Honors
    • Science 7
    • American History 7
    • Bible
    • Foreign Language (1 semester each: French & Spanish)
    • STEM III
    • Intermediate Band or Fine Arts Rotation (Art, Choir, Dance, Theatre)
    • Physical Education
    • English 8
    • Algebra I-Honors*, Algebra IA*, or Geometry Honors*
    • Physical Science Honors* or Science 8
    • Ancient Civilizations
    • Bible 8
    • Foreign Language (Latin I, French I, or Spanish I)*
    • STEM IV
    • Fine Arts (Advanced Band or Choir/Art or Theatre/Dance)
    • Physical Education/Health*

    *Upper School credit course

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